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Pirate's Bay Fresh Mint Essentials All Natural Soap

Pirate's Bay Fresh Mint Essentials All Natural Soap

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Spirulina (blue-green algae) and activated charcoal swirl together magically with essential oils of peppermint, litsea, and cedarwood so you can feel the rejuvenating spray of the Pacific Ocean on your face! 

Startling natural colors and refreshing essential oils make this a well-suited bar of soap for the sea lover in your life...

As always, we are palm FREE, sustainably handcrafted in Canada using Canadian ingredients. Our products feel silky on your skin and are safe for the earth! Formulated with citric acid to reduce soap scum in your bath or shower.


Sodium lardate, sodium tallowate (grass-fed beef tallow), sodium cocoate, sodium sunflowerate, sodium castorate, sodium linseedate, kaolin, sodium citrate, sodium lactate, litsea cubeba essential oil, mentha spicata (peppermint) oil, cedarwood (Atlas) essential oil, spirulina powder, indigofera tinctoria (indigo) powder, activated charcoal

All "Essentials" soaps are free from artificial ingredients and contain only herbal colorants and essential oil fragrance

Weight & Dimensions

All our soaps weigh at least 130 grams/4.5 ounces

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    Harvesting palm oil contributes to deforestation which is destroying biodiverse forests and the habitats of endangered animals. We never use palm oil!


    We take pride in producing quality products while maintaining a minimal impact on the earth for future generations.


    Here at 6K Soap we love the earth! We are conscious of our resources and use compostable, recycleable packaging whenever possible.


    Combining our passions for farming and soap making allows us to use our homegrown ingredients first. We are committed to sustainable ingredients. 


    Sulfates are modern cleaning agents used in soap and shampoo to create lather which strips the skin and is harmful to marine life. We use gentle sulfate-free cleansers to maintain natural oil barriers on the body which are harmless to aquatics.

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