Frequently Asked Questions

How long does 6K soap last in your bath or shower?

Once opened, if you keep your soap out of the standing water, your soap will last for several months, depending on your usage. Let it dry out after use and use a soap lifter for best results.

How should I store my 6K soap?

Keep your soap in a dry location away from heat and direct sunlight, humidity, dust, or cold, damp climates. Soap is like a fine wine, it only improves with age. The lather is richer, the foam is creamier as time goes by, so if you have enjoyed sniffing your soap for long enough, now is the time to use it!

Where do you get your lard and tallow?

Our lard and tallow is harvested from happy cows and pigs living locally with our families. We utilize the fats that are otherwise discarded after an animal is processed on the farm, making our soaps uniquely and sustainably created! We boil down the fats and skim off only the purest oils that remain. The secret is in the sauce, as they say!

Why choose pasture raised lard?

Pasture raised lard contains up to 2000 iU of Vitamin D per ounce. Lard is the most readily available source of naturally derived vitamin D, and has a fatty acid composition most compatible with human tissues. That's why our soap keeps your skin soft and supple, conditioned with only the finest ingredients.

Do you use local ingredients?

Yes, we use local lard from pasture raised pork, and grass-fed beef tallow to make our moisturizing and conditioning soaps. Herbs, extracts, and additives are all sourced locally whenever possible.

Why don't you use palm oil?

Palm oil is shipped from far away rainforests, but we keep our ingredient list local. Animals such as orangutans suffer with the depletion of rainforests for palm oil which is used in vegetable based products such as soap and baked goods marketed for vegans.

Why do you use Jersey cream in some 6K soaps?

Our grass-fed Jersey cows produce rich cream that contributes to rich creamy lather in our soap, keeping your skin soft and supple, conditioned with all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals contained in the cream.

Why is there citric acid in my soap?

Citric acid chelates with minerals in your tap water, to prevent mineral buildup in your bath or shower. It's easier to clean when citric acid is included in your soap!

What type of essential oils are in 6k soaps?

We use therapeutic grade essential oils, ethically sourced for natural and safe recipes suited for skin. Our essential oils are regulated for safe use by Health Canada.

Why do you use fragrance oils in 6K Silk Purse soaps?

Our naturally sourced fragrance oils are rated for safe skin usage and regulated by Health Canada. In order to offer exciting scents such as citrus or fruits, we use a fragrance oil, due to the chemistry process of saponification where lye reacts with essential oils of fruits, making an essential oil ineffective and a fragrance oil necessary.

What does it mean to follow Health Canada guidelines?

Health Canada regulates labelling and ingredients for cosmetic products in Canada, which includes soap. All cosmetic manufacturers in Canada are required to notify Health Canada and follow the Cosmetic Regulations Act of Canada.

Do you disclose all ingredients?

All ingredients contained in any of our products are listed on the outer packaging, in accordance with Health Canada Guidelines.

Why do you only ship to Canada?

We are registered as a Canadian manufacturer for sales in Canada, we are not yet set up for sales internationally. One day we look forward to distributing throughout the Continental USA!

How do you make 6K shampoo bars?

6K Shampoo and conditioner bars are created from our scientifically proven recipe, individually hand pressed from a dough we mix containing specialized natural ingredients made from coconuts and other botanical extracts. Each bar is stamped, dried, labelled, and marketed using sustainable ingredients from local manufacturers.

Where do you purchase your micas and glitters?

Micas and glitters are sourced from sustainable and environmentally conscious companies here in Canada. Our glitters are made from paper fiber, and break down easily in the environment.

Why do we sometimes use shrink wrap?

Items such as bath bombs are highly sensitive to humidity, and require shrink wrap to maintain product integrity for shipping and handling. Thankfully, we utilize biolefin shrink wrap, which readily degrades in the environment, and can be tossed in your compost after unwrapping.

Can I pick up my items?

Items can be picked up by appointment on Bluenose Mountain, but if you are local, select "pick up in store" and leave your address for free delivery throughout the North Okanagan General Area. We'd love to meet you!

Can I make a custom order?

We welcome custom orders; contact us. We'd love to transform your ideas into beautiful products inspired by you!

Still have questions?