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Solid Dish Soap

Solid Dish Soap

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This solid pot of soap made from beef tallow works magic on grease, grime, and caked-on residue. Add a little water, scrub up some bubbles with the agave fiber brush, and apply for an efficient and all-natural dishwashing alternative.

Our agave fiber brush is fully compostable with zero plastic, the glass ramekin is 100% refillable!

GIFT SET INCLUDES: Set with soap in a dish with an agave fiber brush, tucked into a handmade cotton gift bag.

IN A DISH: Just the soap in a dish ready to place beside your sink

REFILL: Just the soap ready to pop into your own dish

JUST THE BRUSH: A cute brush made from agave fiber free of plastic that can be tossed into the compost when you have finished with it.

Soap is made with the peels of citrus fruits as well as borax and citric acid for extra grease-busting action as well as a fresh citrus scent!


Sodium and potassium tallowate (pasture raised beef tallow), sodium cocoate, potassium cocoate, sodium castorate, potassium castorate, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium borate, potassium borate, d-limonene, naturally-derived fragrance oil

Weight & Dimensions

Soap weighs at least 140 grams, 5 ounces

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    Harvesting palm oil contributes to deforestation which is destroying biodiverse forests and the habitats of endangered animals. We never use palm oil!


    We take pride in producing quality products while maintaining a minimal impact on the earth for future generations.


    Here at 6K Soap we love the earth! We are conscious of our resources and use compostable, recycleable packaging whenever possible.


    Combining our passions for farming and soap making allows us to use our homegrown ingredients first. We are committed to sustainable ingredients. 


    Sulfates are modern cleaning agents used in soap and shampoo to create lather which strips the skin and is harmful to marine life. We use gentle sulfate-free cleansers to maintain natural oil barriers on the body which are harmless to aquatics.

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Heather Sidor
Love this set

This is such a wonderful set, I love to use on washing my forks gets everything off especially egg.